We are delighted to offer you our inland haulage services. Our hauliers are able to pick your goods up and take them to your desired final destination, and we can offer this as either the first or the last mode of transport required to pick and deliver your goods.

Importing into the UK? We can arrange haulage from origin to the final place of destination. With this there comes a choice of using haulage provided by using one of our dedicated merchant hauliers or shipping line haulage.

With line haulage, the cost for transporting your goods would be cheaper, however slots are difficult to obtain due to the current high volume of shipments. This may imply quay rent and demurrage costs may be incurred whilst waiting for a slot to become available. Regarding merchant haulage, we can normally obtain slots within 5 to 7 days of arrival, reducing the time that goods are in the port and reducing the risk of incurring additional costs. The costs may be slightly higher as these companies are separate from the shipping line but can represent better value for money. 

If you require haulage by rail or road across the continent, we can assist in getting you back on track with a slot booked for you to take your goods across western Europe, as well as RORO transport if you require crossing the sea by road from the UK to Ireland or mainland Europe.

Consolidated haulage service

If your goods aren’t time sensitive and are looking for a cheap service on the road, we recommend our consolidated haulage service for you. Your goods will be collected from the pickup point, whether it is in the UK or in Europe and be sent to a sorting warehouse where they are handled with care when being offloaded to be sorted into a lorry headed to a warehouse near the drop-off city for the last mile delivery via a curtain-sider lorry.

Dedicated haulage

For truckloads that require a direct service with no offloading at a warehouse, we can offer you dedicated haulage between the UK and Europe. The price may be higher than our consolidated haulage service, however for urgent deliveries that require for it to be moved by road or for deliveries that are too large to fit on conventional transport or require non ambient temperature for transport, we believe the compromise may be worth the extra investment!

Optional Equipment

We can offer a range of optional equipment and services to supplement your LCL haulage transport, please see the list below for what we offer with the prices listed next to them.

We also have special equipment available to book upon delivery, such as a hiab (lorry with a crane) or a moffett (lorry with a heavy forklift) vehicle. Prices for these can be obtained upon request to our sales inbox or via the quote form. Special equipment availability is dependant on the time of the year.

Please contact us if you are interested in further options to purchase when you next move with us!

+44(0)2380 171811

How to book Inland Haulage 

1. Contact us here!
2. Tell us the weight and dimensions of the cargo you want moving.
3. Let us know where you want it to be picked up and dropped off and any extra instructions to go along with the shipment.
4. We’ll return to you with a quote tailored to your specifications!

We can also provide customs clearance for your goods. For more information please check out our Customs Clearance page here!

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