Freight Saver Service

The Freight Saver service is our most popular airfreight service for shipments that are not that time critical.
Our service is aimed at saving you money by providing the cheaper airfreight option to get your cargo to the required airport. This may involve holding your cargo at the origin airport a few days longer to get on a consolidated service or using several transit flights through third countries. Compared to our priority service, the journey time may take longer however it will remain faster than other modes of transport.

Here is what we can provide with our Airfreight service:

  • General purpose and refrigerated containers
  • Clearance of your consignments with pre checking of documentation to present to customs
  • Freight insurance
  • Movement of most types of goods apart from perishables, scrap materials and dangerous goods

If your shipment is oversized, we can also assist with our carriers dedicated cargo aircraft to take them across the globe.

Deferred Service

This service is aimed at providing a cost-effective alternative to “Freight Saver” where transit time is not an issue.  The cargo may be held at origin to obtain the lowest cost airfreight journey.  This may involve any number of transit flights before arriving at it its final destination, and can take up to 2 weeks.

Supplementary Optional Services

We can also offer a range of optional services to supplement your less-than container load shipment, please see the list below for what we offer with the prices listed next to them.

Please contact us if you are interested in further options to purchase when you next move with us!~

+44(0)2380 171811

Priority Service

If you require a faster way to get your goods moved around the world, we offer to you our Airfreight FCL priority service. This means that goods will be transported from origin warehouse before the departure date and loaded onto the earliest available flight. This service is especially useful for those emergency deliveries that can’t wait.

Your pre-lodged clearance and documentation will be ready by the time your cargo lands at the destination airport so your goods can pass through customs and on to its final destination without delay. This priority service means that the journey is direct where possible and can take 1 to 2 days for the goods to leave the origin airport and land in the inbound airport without having to transit through a third country, which would require additional handling.

Sea-Air Service

If you require a combination of sea and air services, then our multimodal Sea-Air service can be the ideal compromise and is designed to show cost savings for medium to larger shipments by moving the cargo from pickup via ocean freight to a closer seaport and completing the transport via an affordable airfreight solution to destination using an inexpensive and/or direct route to move your cargo quicker.

How to book Airfreight with us

1. Contact us by clicking here!
2. Tell us the weight and dimensions if it is an LCL, or the container type if it is an FCL shipment.
3. Let us know where you want it to be picked up and dropped off and any extra instructions to go along with the shipment.
4. We’ll return to you with a competitive quote tailored to your specifications!

We can also provide customs clearance for your goods. For more information, check out our customs clearance page here!

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