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If you are looking for a logistics solution that doesn’t fit into the standard shipment procedure with the different transport modes, our options below may suit your needs.

Project Forwarding
For more complex logistical demands, Alianza Global Logistic Services’ project forwarding team are experienced in planning and carrying out a wide variety of elaborate projects. From pricing through to carrying out complex logistical procedures to completion, you can rely on our specialists to support you every step of the way.

If you want to move goods from or to a country that isn’t in the UK, AGL can assist you with your needs. Alianza Global can handle all trade lanes across all continents such as from the EU and China to areas such as North America, Middle East or India.

Motor Vehicle Shipping
If you would like to ship your car, Alianza Global Logistic Services’ provides global Roll-on Roll-off services. If you need to protect your vehicle from the elements, you could also consider containerising your vehicle in a 20FT or a 40FT. Feel free to give us a ring on +44(0)2380 171811 or contact us here to discuss these options for your car delivery.

Out Of Gauge
Have vehicles or goods that are wider or taller than a ISO standard container? Not a problem! We can price you together a quote to move your cargo on a flat bed or open top container with lashing to secure your goods to the container – Please click here for a personalised quote!

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