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Here at Alianza Global Logistics Services Ltd, we are members of the Global Logistics Alliance (GLA). This gives us access to a worldwide network of vetted and approved agents able to carry out Cross trade with the required insurances and processes already in place. Our staff are trained and experienced in handling all types of Cross trade requirements.


What is a Cross Trade? Why is it Important?


  • Cross trade can also be referred to as Triangular trade. The terms are regularly used interchangeably.


  • Cross trade is the movement of cargo by air or by sea between 2 countries where the trade is managed in a 3rd. For example, where a UK trader buys product from India and needs it shipped to a buyer in Mexico.


  • Rather than having cargo shipped to the sending business’ origin country and forwarded from here to the customer – cross trade shipping allows a direct route. Meaning, much shorter transportation times.


  • It is becoming ever more common for traders to broker deals around the world involving suppliers and buyers outside of their own home country.


  • If you sell a product you are importing into the UK and you get an enquiry from abroad, it may work out cheaper to supply the product directly from your supplier to your buyer.


  • Anyone who has a supplier in one country and a buyer in another apart from his own will need to set up a cross trade.


  • You would need a local freight forwarder with specialist knowledge and experience in handling cross trade. You may require a Switch Bill of Lading to protect your buyer from knowing your suppliers.


  • Most freight companies shy away from cross trade due to the complexities of setting up the required transactions needed to complete a successful shipment. 
For more information regarding Cross trade shipments please contact Alianza Global Logistics Services Ltd on sales@alianzaglobal.co.uk, 02380171811 or use our simple, fast & free quotation form here!

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